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In politics, words are a privileged means of communication. It is through words that ideas are debated and politicians attempt to convince citizens. Words also give politics its theatrical dimension. Public life is a “stage” where the aim is to seduce and persuade. In March 1998, regional elections were held in France. Esti made the most of them to follow the campaign of a right-wing candidate from the RPR party in Tarn who submits his speeches to a communications advisor. Based on this framework, Esti has constructed a film that favors a human approach and interrogates political speech. As a counterpoint are Philippe Seguin’s thoughts in response to the director’s questioning.

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Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : ARTE

Genre : documentary
Duration : 52 min
Year of production : 1998
Available Versions : VF / VO STF

Distributor : AGAT Films & Cie

International sales : AGAT Films & Cie

TV Diffusion : 30/03/1999

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