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In june, 1988, “Picnic TV” lent a V8 camcorder to Alain Bizos, a reporter-photographer from the VU agency. Bizos left for China with the painters Arman and Jenkins.In November, 1988, based on the tapes brought back from Beijing, “Picnic TV” organised a meeting between Alain Bizos and Kiki Picasso, the painter-agitator of the 1970’s. From Bizos’ reportage, they wrote a fantastic story, “Luminous Beauty”, which Kiki Picasso put into images using the special effects of his video lab. Electronic magic transformed the passers-by into actors, and Alain Bizos, into a treasure hunter, off on a “relentless” hunt for Jenkins and Arman (whose assistant he was for quite some time). They must find and bring back that luminous, moving thing that only the Chinese possess. An interplay of photography and painting, reportage and fiction, reality and dream, an interplay which could only be realised on video.

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Company : EX NIHILO

Genre : short film
Duration : 5 min
Year of production : 1989
Available Versions : VF / VO STF

Distributor : Ex Nihilo

International sales : Ex Nihilo

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