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Two guys in their forties who haven't seen each other since high school, meet one evening. For different reasons, neither of them has screwed for an eternity. In a café, they chat up a 25 year-old woman who is beautiful and very sexy. The two of them are more moderately appealing. They follow her. The woman is no wallflower and invites them over for dinner. She is a student and is doing a Masters degree on François Mitterrand. In her apartment, she cultivates memory and fantasy. Each of them tries to conquer her and spend the night with her. There is no question of love, but of sex and desire. The young woman is sensitive, desirable and desiring but the figure of Mitterrand darkens her spirit and nothing ever comes to pass.

Tonie Marshall See his other films
Produced by : Gilles Sandoz
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : LA SEPT / ARTE

Main cast : Emmanuelle Devos, Eric Petitjean
Secondary cast : Patrick Pineau

Genre : Fiction
Duration : 55 min
Year of production : 1999
Available Versions : VF / VO STF, VA / VO STA

International sales : Mercure International

TV distribution : Films distribution

TV Diffusion : 11/03/2000

Festival selections :
Cinéma tout écran, Genève, 1999. "Cinéma et art de vivre", Sarlat, 1999. FIPA, Biarritz, 2000. Festival international du film, Charleroi, 2000.

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