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Mehdi is driving round in circles in his illegal taxi, just as he does in real life, like a trapped rat. His looser pals, all of them bone-idle, are forced into get by, stuck between welfare and lousy jobs. Their only relief is casual sexual with Cécile - the former girlfriend of Mehdi’s dead older brother. Then Agatha appears. She has crossed Europe to find the Frenchman who made her promises last winter, in Rumania.When he sees her, he can’t even remember her name. Mehdi enlists all his friends in order to help her grapple with the ugly face of economic horror, slave drivers and exploiters of misery. His tribe is on the verge of breaking up. He feels like fleeing. But he remains and fights. By escaping, Agatha will have saved them all.

Christian Vincent See his other films
Produced by : Alain Guesnier
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : FRANCE 3 CINEMA, CRRAV

Main cast : Roschdy Zem, Rona Hartner, Philippe Fretun, Philippe Nahon, Olivier Gourmet
Secondary cast : Karol Rocher, Pierre Berriau, Bernard Nissille, Pierre-Louis Calixte

Genre : Fiction
Duration : 1H30
Year of production : 2000
Available Versions : VF
Theatrical release date : 06/09/2000

Distributor : Pyramide

International sales : Flach Pyramide International

TV distribution : Studio Canal

TV Diffusion : 21/11/2001

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