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Why commit yourself?Where does it get anyone? Maybe nowhere…So? That's no reason to do nothing.Small nothings probably won't change the world but who can be sure? Today, charity work is not just a certain way of filling in free time: some doctors play golf, others commit to humanitarian aid. Is humanitarian aid a political engagement? Does this intervention force have its place? Is there a place between the rich and the poor, between the weak and the strong?

Claude Mouriéras See his other films
Produced by : Patrick Sobelman
Company : EX NIHILO
Coproduced by : LA SEPT ARTE, FILMEDOC

Genre : documentary
Duration : 59 min
Year of production : 1999
Available Versions : VF / VO STF

Distributor : Doc & Film international

Festival selections :
Festival Ciné vidéo psy, Lorquin, 2000. Festival international du film francophone, Namur, 2000.

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