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The Show of the Earth is the story of a rebirth. A sleepy valley in northern Corsica is revived by the return of one of it's sons: Robin Renucci. Driven by an inflexible will to serve his own land, he decides to put to use his profession and passion : theatre.By reviving a forgotten practice of social cohesion, the Course of Popular Education, Robin Renucci manages to bring together a people, an art form and those who serve it.The film describes this chronicle of social and cultural resurgence.

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Produced by : Alain Guesnier
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : ARIA, FRANCE 3 CORSE

Main cast : Robin Renucci

Genre : documentary
Duration : 59 min
Year of production : 2000
Available Versions : VF

Distributor : Doc & Films International

TV Diffusion : 11/03/2000

Festival selections :
Festival du film européen de Lama, Lama, 2000.

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