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Romances de Terre et d'Eau is a documentary about farmers in the Nordeste region of Brazil who fight with great nobility and humor for their economic survival as well as the preservation of their culture's imaginative and recreational force. For these farmers of Indian origin, the "roça", the place where plants, vegetables and rice are grown (what a family needs to ensure its future), could be paradise on earth if the land belonged to them. The "roça" is the place where all their myths are born, past and future. They keep them alive with poetry, music, creations in clay and dance so they can pass on the "job of living" to their children.

Jean-Pierre Duret, Andrea Santana See his other films
Produced by : Patrick Sobelman
Company : EX NIHILO
Coproduced by : DERIVES, POLYSON, RTBF

Main cast : Miguel Rodrigues Barros, Thiago Pinheiro Gomes, Salvani de Sousa Gomes, Antônio Pinheiro de Monte, Maria Bernardes Pinheiro, João Bosco Ferreira Paz, Josefa Amara da Silva, Patativa do Assaré, Maria Cândido, Maria de Lurdes Cândido, João Ferreira Cândido, Raimundo Severino de Sousa, Gilson Nunes Valdevino, Antônio Luis de Sousa, Francisco José de Amorim, Cicero Roberto Gonzaga de Sousa, Gilsinho Nunes Valdevino, Salvaneide de Sousa Gomes, Salviano de Sousa Gomes, Izaquiel de Sousa Gomes, Taciano de Sousa Gomes, Isabel de Sousa Gomes, Leoneide de Sousa Gomes

Genre : documentary
Duration : 1H18 et 52 min
Year of production : 2001
Available Versions : VO STF, VO STA, Portuguais du Brésil
Theatrical release date : 20/11/2002

Distributor : Documentaire sur Grand Ecran

TV distribution : Documentaire sur Grand Ecran

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