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An important proportion of single migrant employees, that is those that lived and worked in France while their families stayed in Morocco or in Algeria, arrive at the time of the pension.. For different reasons, France, countries of the Maghreb where from they come, their families and themselves, maintained for a long time the idea that these working years would be a bracket and that these men would return in the country taken on an aura the sacrifice and the fruits of their exile. This myth of departure is worsened by the reality which is theirs today. These men are often poor, sick, weakened by often painful employments and by unemployment.

Chantal Richard See his other films
Produced by : Blanche Guichou
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : ARTE

Main cast : Ahmed Benezzine, Abdeslam Meqdame, Ali Ezzaheur, Amor Mezhoud, Mohamed Madouni, Mihoud M’hand

Genre : documentary
Duration : 54 min
Year of production : 2001
Available Versions : VF / VO STF, VA / VO STA

Distributor : Doc & Films International

International sales : Doc & Films International

TV Diffusion : 15/11/2002

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