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The film opens in a housing estate in Evry, with Jok one (23, born in The Congo). He describes what he’s been through and also mentions Patrick Torregrossa, who he calls “Feu Vert” (Green Light).Patrick, who has taught children with learning difficulties for 40 years, is the story’s main character. He has always battled against the suffering and violence experienced by children and young adults. He has also struggled to convince Institutions and politicians. Their jobs place these teachers “in the front line” in this social wasteland for troubled youths, who we take the time to listen to.We tell his life story alongside the lives of the kids he looks after with his team of teachers: the rappers from Evry, Mathieu, Tanya and Vladimir (minors considered to be at risk) Chabbah (21, from Grigny) and Elodie (17, born in the North of France) who has to leave her housing estate, Grigny la Grande Borne, for an enforced break in Senegal.

Laurent Canches avec la collaboration de Michel Vandestien See his other films
Produced by : Yvon Davis
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Partners : CNC, Conseil Général de l’Essonne, Ministère des Solidarités,de la Santé et de la Famille, Service de l’Information et de la Communication, Délégation Interministérielle de la Ville, La Fondation Jeunesse Feu Vert, soutien financier de la Ville de GRIGNY et de la Ville d’EVRY

Genre : documentary
Duration : 57 min
Year of production : 2006
Available Versions : VF

Distributor : AGAT Films & Cie

International sales : AGAT Films & Cie

TV Diffusion : 14/06/2006

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