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Following a legal disaffection demanded by his father, Thierry Chartier, 18 years old, lives with his grandmother in a small village in the north of France. He works in the fields and is thinking about taking over a farm.To improve his everyday life, Thierry and his friend Rouillé –the local outcast – steal meat at the nearby slaughterhouse for various restaurants. One night, without Rouillé, Thierry frees all enclosed piglets. Though he hides this to his accomplice, the news spreads around the area.One of their customers wants to take advantage of this and tries to cheat them. Rouillé goes mad, Thierry can’t stop him. Rouillé shoots down the restaurant owner.After five years in jail for murder complicity, Thierry, now with a diploma in English, a extra tattoo, and everlasting guilt, can leave on probation only if he goes back to live with his parents.He works on the markets, becomes the lorry drivers’buddy, when adversity hits again. He witnesses a murder. The policeman in charge of the case accuses him. If Thierry rebels against the obvious his only issue is to escape. He ends up in a small sea resort where he meets Fontaine, a café owner who doesn’t care to know anything…

Christophe Otzenberger See his other films
Produced by : Patrick Sobelman
Company : EX NIHILO

Main cast : Yann Trégouët, Jacques Bonnaffé, Céline Cuignet
Secondary cast : Patrick Descamps, Lionel Abelanski, Hélène Vincent, Jacques Spiesser, Myriam Boyer, Gérald Thomassin.

Genre : Fiction
Duration : 1h37
Year of production : 2005
Available Versions : VF / VO STF, VA / VO STA
Theatrical release date : 22/02/2006

Distributor : Cine classic

International sales : Mercure International

TV distribution : Films distribution

Awards :
Festival international du film francophone: Prix de la meilleure composition musicale

Festival selections :
Festival international du film francophone, Namur, 2005. Festival des films du Monde, Montréal, 2005. Istanbul international film festival, Istanbul, 2006. Mostra internazionale del nuovo cinema, Rome, 2006. Ciné rencontres, Prades, 2006.

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