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The filmmaker Max Hureau crossed Eastern Europe filming and photographing the work and conditions of coal miners. His fascination for this profession took him on a journey of over 7000 km, from Polish Silesia to Central Siberia, where he witnessed unbearable human misery.Throughout this journey, miners, miner's wifes and unionists tell us about what they live, what they have to endure and how they fight to keep their dignity.The filmmaker seized the opportunity to film a profession and a culture that is about to collapse, while the number of miners is still considerably high.

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Produced by : Yvon Davis
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Partners : CNC, Bourse Brouillon d'un rêve de la Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédias, Bourse Louis Lumière du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Genre : documentary
Duration : 57 min
Year of production : 2004
Available Versions : VF / VO STF

International sales : Doc & Film international

TV distribution : Doc & Film international

Festival selections :
Festival Visions du réel, Nyon, 2005. Ecrans documentaires, Gentilly, 2005. Trieste Film Festival, Trieste, 2006.

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