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Almost a year ago, two Palestinians musician brothers Samir & Wissam Joubran, started treading the road of fame and emerging as a distinguished artist in different parts of Europe. The youngest brother Adnan “18 year” is waiting to join his 2 brothers in their magical musician trip.The differences between the three brothers, their experiences, their personal stories and hopes, the Palestinian political atmosphere and the deep musical tradition inside the Joubran family, all of that is transforming into improvisation music on stage.By following that big musical challenge of the Joubran family, this film tries to find the reasons for similarity and differences between the different Palestinian generations who lived under very harsh and exceptional circumstances that differ in its details.

Raed Andoni See his other films
Produced by : Blanche Guichou
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : DAR Films Productions

Genre : documentary
Duration : 1H02
Year of production : 2005
Available Versions : VF / VO STF, VA / VO STA

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