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In the geriatrics department of the Charles Foix Hospital in Ivry, Thierry Thieû Niang, a renowned choreographer, hosts a dance workshop with Alzheimer's patients. Through dance, lives unfold, memories are recounted, full of regrets, bitterness, outbursts of joy and loneliness. Blanche Moreau is 92. During shooting, she fell in love with the choreographer, Thierry. As the simple fact of falling in love is in itself madness, Blanche no longer seems crazy or mad: her illness is simply transformed into lovesickness.

Valéria Bruni Tedeschi et Yann Coridian See his other films
Produced by : Marie Balducchi
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : ARTE France
Partners : Sacem

Genre : documentary
Duration : 85 min
Video editor : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Year of production : 2016

TV Diffusion : 07/06/17 à 20h55 sur ARTE

DVD/VOD Release : 5-09-2017

Awards :
Prix Spécial du Jury et Prix du Public Documentaire du Festival Int. du Film Francophone de Namur
Prix de la Critique au Festival de Leipzig
Best International Documentary RIFF Awards 2016
Prix du Meilleur Documentaire au RAMDAM Festival (Belgique)
Prix du Meilleur Documentaire au Festival Kitzbühel (Autriche)
Prix du jury et Prix du Public au EBS International Documentary Festival (Corée)
Prix du public au Faito doc Festival (Naples) 2017
Laurier Documentaire, Paris, 2018

Festival selections :
Festival de Locarno 2016
DOK Leipzig, Festival de Cinéma Européen de Séville, Cinémed,
IDFA, Festival dei Popoli, Milano Film Network
Roma Independent Film Festival, Transylvania, Odessa International Film Festival

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