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Since the 13th century, successive generations of explorers, scientists and historians have been fascinated by a gripping archeological mystery. The tomb of Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror in history, is hidden somewhere in Mongolia. But where? 8 centuries after his death, a French team have studied ancient secret texts and medieval Eurasian funeral rites to uncover the traces of the Mongol Emperor. All clues point to a sacred zone, where access is forbidden: "The Wild North". Professor Giscard, one of the founders of Mongolian archeology, has been able to penetrate this sanctuary with a scientific team to carry out an extraordinary investigation. New technologies have enabled a completely different archeological approach, making it possible to locate the Tomb of Genghis Khan without trespass, without destruction, without touching the earth with a shovel.

Cédric Robion See his other films
Produced by : Blanche Guichou
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE

Genre : documentary
Duration : 1h30
Year of production : 2016

International sales : TERRANOA

TV Diffusion : 13/09/2018 à 20h55 sur France 5 (1ère diff 14/12/2016)

Awards :
Lumexplore, Festival International du film d’exploration scientifique : Meilleur Film Scientifique, 2017.
Rencontres d'archéologie de la Narbonnaise : Prix du Jury, 2017.
Festival International du Cinéma Archéologique de la Bidassoa, Espagne : Grand Prix du Jury, 2017.

Festival selections :
Séance spéciale, PariScience, Festival International du Film Scientifique, Paris, 2016.
Festival de Cine Arqueologico de Castilla y Leon, Zamora, Espagne, 2017.
Tisza Mozi - International Scientific Film Festival, Szolnok, Hongrie, 2017.
Festival International du Film Archéologique de Bidasoa, Espagne, 2017.
Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico, Rovereto, Italie, 2017.
Arkhaios Film Festival, Hilton Head Island, Etats-Unis, 2017.

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