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Brazil. Nordeste. The state of Pernambouc. A huge service station, in the middle of a scorched earth, crossed by an endless road.Cocada and Nero are 14 and 13 years old. Cocada has a dream, to become a truck driver. He sleeps in a truck’s cabin and by day, he helps people out and does odd jobs.His father died murdered, but Cocada finds Mineiro as a substitute father. A trucker who finds time to talk to him and counsel him when temptation for easy money becomes stronger.Nego lives in a favela, surrounded by many siblings. After working in the fields, his mother wishes he could go to school to get an education, but Nego wants to leave and make money. At night, he wanders about the service station, fascinated by the illuminated windows of the shops, the businesses that sell everything, abundant food.With his friend Cocada, they watch the endless movement of the trucks and travellers. Everything speaks to them about this big country which they don’t know at all.With this singular maturity that one gets very early in adversity, they question themselves about their identity and their future. Their only perspective: a road towards São Paulo, towards somewhere else.

Jean-Pierre Duret et Andrea Santana See his other films
Produced by : Muriel Meynard
Company : EX NIHILO
Partners : CNC, Région Ile-de-France, Scam (Société des Auteurs Multimédia), Bourse Brouillon d’un Rêve

Genre : documentary
Duration : 1H30
Year of production : 2008
Available Versions : VF / VO STF, VA / VO STA
Theatrical release date : 04/02/2009

Distributor : Documentaire sur Grand Ecran

International sales : UMEDIA

TV distribution : Documentaire sur Grand Ecran

Awards :
Festival international du film francophone: Bayard d'Or et Prix du Public. Camden international film festival: Prix du meilleur Film. CINEMEX: Prix du Meilleur Film Documentaire. "One World" International Human Rights Festival: Mention Spéciale du Grand Jury.

Festival selections :
Festival international du film francophone, Namur, 2008. Camden international film festival, Camden, 2009. CINEMEX - Festival International de Cinéma Contemporain de la Ville de Mexico, Mexico, 2009. "One World" International Human Rights Festival, Prague, 2009.

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