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As far back as humanity can remember, the destiny of the world has been ruled by men, those of the male gender. But, today, at a time when we can travel to outer space as easily as we destroy our own planet, something has changed on Earth.This happened during the 20th century when women showed men that they could manage without their domination.As men, we discovered that our female companions didn't envision life together in the same way that we did. Perhaps it is even their conception of the world that is different from ours…Some of us rejected the tidal wave of feminism while others used it to redefine the foundations of their virility.

François Chilowicz See his other films
Produced by : Dominique Barneaud
Company : EX NIHILO

Genre : documentary
Duration : 1H30
Year of production : 2009

Distributor : Doc & Film international

International sales : Doc & Film international

TV distribution : France 2

TV Diffusion : 11/06/2009

VOD Diffusion : Editions l'Harmattan

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