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An amazing discovery was made a few years ago on the island of Flores in Indonesia: archaeologists exhumed the bones of an unknown human species, barely one metre high in adulthood. These “Hobbits”, as the researchers called them, hunted strange animals such as the Komodo dragon, giant rats and dwarf elephants. Today, in the surrounding villages, people relate curious tales about tiny men covered with fur… causing scientists to wonder if some of these creatures may not still be alive…

Laurent Orluc See his other films
Produced by : Blanche Guichou
Company : EX NIHILO
Coproduced by : Teol Productions

Genre : documentary
Duration : 52 minutes
Year of production : 2010
Available Versions : VF

Distributor : Doc & film

International sales : Doc & film

TV distribution : Doc & film

Awards :
Grand Prix du Jury de Objectif Préhistoire, Premier festival du film de Préhistoire du Pech Merle

Festival selections :
Festival du Film Archéologique d'Amiens 2012
Festival du Film Archéologique, Rovereto, Italie, 2013

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