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8 tableaux, 8 dancers, 2 musicians, Labyala Nosfell and Pierre Le Bourgeois… In his latest production, Philippe Découflé continues his inexhaustible quest for beauty. He explores all the contrasts inherent in it, from desire to jealousy, from the splendour of a body to the ugliness of the feelings that it can inspire.The production is made up of tableaux and brief scenes playing on the appearance and disappearance of the dancers, all within a musical continuum between the two musicians: between each tableau, music and video link the different parts. This new production is a digest of Philippe Decouflé's dancing. The choreographer plays on his favourite motifs and opens up to other forms: from solos to group choreography, against a resolutely rock musical background, this series of tableaux gives way to wonder and jubilation. Octopus captures us in its tentacles and invites us on a journey, from the intimate to the carnal via the burlesque… Philippe Découflé, as is his habit, offers a work made up of video screenings, some live, some pre-recorded, with infrared screenings. And, this time, the performance is accompanied by Nosfell and Pierre Le Bourgeois. The two musicians play powerful and creative rock music live, giving Octopus the airs of a concert.

Alexis de Favitski See his other films
Produced by : Marie Balducchi
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : OÏBO / Compagnie DCA - La Coursive Scène Nationale ARTE

Main cast : Mise en scène de Philippe Découflé

Genre : Spectacle
Duration : 90 min
Year of production : 2011

Distributor : ARTE

International sales : ARTE

Festival selections :
Golden Prague, République Tchèque 2011
Prix Italia, Turin, 2012
Music Gardens Festival, Varsovie, Pologne 2012

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