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Summer 2006, the war between Israel and Lebanon exploded. A Palestinian family lives in an Arab village in Israel situated on the border With Lebanon. The little wars between the different members of this family become as merciless as the outside war. The father, Abu Majd is a retiring building contractor. He lost his wife 17 years ago, and has been having hard time living without her. He suffers from heart insufficiency. His five grown up children live their own lives concealed with secrets and lies. Hajar is the youngest daughter. She is an artist who lives on her own as a free woman and works as a waitress in Haifa. Hajar loves a French man, Philippe, who works for a “NGO” in Israel. She is torn apart between her family not accepting her choices, and Philippe who does not understand the traditions where she comes from. Majd is the eldest son. He is married to Samira and has two daughters. He is facing financial crises threatening him of loosing his properties. Samira is very supportive of him. They are in full preparation for their daughter’s wedding. Ahmad is the middle son. He is a successful ambitious lawyer, preparing his election campaign as the future mayor of the village. He’s married to Saada and they have three kids. But he has a love affair with a Jewish woman. Ahmad is violent with his wife. Marwan is the forth kid. He is married to Salma and they have one son. They both work as a nurse. Their relationship is tensed. He loves her and loves men too. She loves him, but can not share him. No body knows about their secret. Zeinab is the eldest daughter who had replaced her mother in raising her family up and taking care of her father daily. She is married to Khalil, a man whom she never loved. They never had children. Each member of the family goes through life dealing with the inheritance of the traditions and being absorbed in his own private war. They all gather to celebrate the wedding of Majd’s daughter. There, their conflicts erupt as a volcano. Concealed secrets are revealed. Lies are unmasked. Few days after, Abu Majd goes into Coma. The various private wars burst out into fights. Abu Majd parts life heaving away their revelations. The family members scatter each in a different direction.

Hiam Abbass See his other films
Produced by : Nicolas Blanc
Company : AGAT FILMS & CIE
Coproduced by : Alma Heritage (Israël), Arte France Cinema, Appaloosa Films et Depo Film
Partners : Fonds sud, Israeli Film Fund, ARTE, Canal +

Main cast : Hafsia Herzi Hiam Abbass

Genre : Fiction
Duration : 1h28
Video editor : Diaphana
Year of production : 2011
Theatrical release date : 12-12-2012

Distributor : Diaphana

International sales : Films Distribution

TV Diffusion : Diaphana

VOD Diffusion : Le meilleur du cinéma

DVD/VOD Release : 17/04/13

Festival selections :
Venice Days 2012
Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Montpellier 2012
Haifa International Film festival, 2012
Festival International de Cinéma, Montpellier, 2012

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